Ministry and Congregants

Part 3 - Balancing Act Between The Clergy & The Laity - By Doug Krieger

Think of it?  If Christians are trained by their leadership to “mingle with other Christians” as a PRACTICE—meeting and greeting one another . . . having other members of the Body of Christ over to such BBQs (if you would) without trying to RECRUIT them to their own churches—but to practice the “unity of the Spirit in the uniting bond of Peace” – THAT is precisely what we’re talking about.  We hold to a “common faith” – ONE LORD, ONE BAPTISM, ONE SPIRIT…get the point; if so, why can’t we encourage the brethren to “greet the ekklesia that is in their house” (the house of Priscilla and Aquila) or how’s about Gaius who is hosting the “whole Ekklesia” passing on greetings to all the saints in Rome (what a heart this brother had) (Rom. 16:5, 23).