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Do you know that God's democracy is to be a beacon to this world's hatred, and divisiveness

CLICK HERE - to see Part #3 video narration of this 10-part Series on our Oneness in the Body of Christ - By Henry Hon with Doug Krieger narrating or READ ONLY TEXT BELOW.

Part 3 of a 10-Part Video Series - By Henry Hon & Doug Krieger on the Oneness of the Body of Christ

PART 3 of 10-Part Series. Do you know God's democracy is to be a beacon to this world's hatred, divisiveness, and confusion? Part #3 in this 10-Part Series on our Oneness in the Body of Christ touches upon the original statement of Jesus when He told Peter and the other disciples that He was going to "build My Ekklesia and the gates of Hades would not prevail against it!" Today's "secular democracy" allows participation of the people--however, in contrast, our Lord's Ekklesia, although using the "secular term," has a completely different expression of His love and life expressed to the world--you'll see the difference in this video.

Please CLICK HERE to view/listen to the presentation in video format - 5.05 min.

Please READ the text below. Democracy as we know it today was founded by the Greeks about 600 BC. Their forum for democracy was called “ekklesia,” where diverse citizens of a city came together. Each had an opportunity to freely speak their perspectives before voting to take a particular action. This form of democracy was adopted by the Romans for local governments and continues in the form of a “town meeting” in America and in many nations today.

Jesus said: “I will build my ekklesia [mistranslated to “church”]. Jesus appropriated a secular forum and declared that He would have His own type of ekklesia. What a contrast His ekklesia/democracy is when compared to the secular “townhalls” of today. One can witness democracy today—it is full of divisiveness, hatred, confusion, and corruption. The more secular society stresses equality, inclusion, diversity . . . the more it seems the result is more inequality, segregation, strife, and aversion to those different than oneself. Christians have fallen into this same attitude with each other by condemning and opposing those different in perspectives and understanding.

God’s ekklesia (democracy) that the Lord is building is one where there is freedom to be distinct and different in Christ, and each believer can voice their perspectives of life in Jesus Christ according to their own experiences and understanding. The Lord’s ekklesia is fully described in 1 Corinthians 11:17 through 1 Corinthians Chapter 14.

Unlike this world’s democracy, God’s ekklesia is one where individuals who may be considered undesirable are honored (1 Cor. 12); where love between those contrary to each other is experienced and manifested (1 Cor. 13); and where their liberty to share—to give their input—in oneness causes the world to believe and worship God (1 Cor. 14).

God’s ekklesia, His eternal purpose, shows His chief adversary (Satan) that out of this fallen, sinful, and divided humanity people can love one another in unity (Eph. 3). This can only happen because God’s children have His eternal, divine life, nature, and love. What a testimony is expressed on behalf of Jesus Christ living through His believers!

Now is the time to show love, kindness, and forgiveness starting from within the household of God.

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