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Do you want to be confined to the most racially segregated place?

Part 6 of the 10-Part Series on the Unity of the Body of Christ - by Henry Hon with Doug Krieger narrating - 3.33 min - CLICK HERE to see video narration - TEXT ONLY below…

This #6 in this 10-Part Series regarding the Oneness of the Body Christ. This video title is called: DO YOU WANT TO BE CONFINED TO THE MOST RACIALLY SEGREGATED PLACE? It's not easy for us to discuss the racial divide we as believers in Jesus experience every Sunday or Saturday--whichever is the case on the day we worship. Race is not the only barrier which divides even the most ardent of believers--ministry style, doctrines (most very good, actually), practices, liturgical practices, etc. The problem of our "racial divide" is carried over during the rest of the week--Alas! We've become a reflection of division on so many levels when we ought to reflect the love and unity of the Spirit as His One Body. Please CLICK HERE to view/listen to the presentation in video format - 3.34 min. Please READ the text below.

In America there are white, black, Chinese, Korean, Nigerian, and just about any other church based on race. There are churches for the richer, the poorer, younger, older, those politically left leaning, and those leaning right. There are churches for people who are somber, preferring liturgical worship, and then there’s the free-spirited rocking all-out to Jesus with the “worship” band gatherings. Similar to brand marketing, each church is designed to attract a certain demographic.

If you are not within the demographic or doctrinal leaning of a church you visit, you will feel uncomfortable or out of place unless you adapt and conform to the views espoused by the leadership (ministry) of that church.

This is not necessarily bad or wrong since the Apostle Paul targeted the Gentiles and Peter preached to the Jews for their different demographic. Certainly, the diverse preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ from the Catholics to the latest seeker-friendly churches, all with a missionary zeal, have reached just about every corner of this earth. Africa is now estimated to have the largest number of Christians on the entire planet.

However, since churches are designed to grow and retain membership, the end result is each church gradually becomes homogeneous. Therefore, Sunday has become one of the most segregated days of the week; certainly, a damage to race relationship. This problem extends into the rest of the week where church identity continues resulting in believers keeping to themselves instead of reaching out to those around them with a contrary church identity.

What a beautiful testimony when all those bearing the faith of Jesus Christ are able to reach out and fellowship with one another regardless of differentiated churches. Yes, Christians may go to different churches on Sundays or Saturdays for their encouragement and find comfort with their own kind; however, at least when not in church, let’s be liberated and reach out to each other across any dividing lines and have fellowship as the One Body of Christ.

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