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Recently, best-selling author on the organic church and God’s eternal purpose, Frank Viola, interviewed Henry Hon about his book, “ONE: Unfolding God’s eternal purpose from house to house”. Being pretty long, the idea came to serialize the interview for the easy perusal. It will likely come in three or four parts. So, here you have it: Henry speaks with Frank about ONE (Part 1).


(Frank Viola’s interview with Henry Hon regarding His book, “ONE: Unfolding God’s Eternal Purpose from House to House.”)

ONE! What motivated you to write this book?

Henry: I have been blessed in too many ways to count: a growing family with a wife of over 40 years; four married children who are all active spiritually in the Lord; five beautiful grandchildren and expecting more. Also as an entrepreneur starting with nothing, I have successfully founded new businesses. Additionally, during almost 50 years of enjoying and serving the Lord, I have received countless unveilings of Jesus Christ through the Bible; the Lord has given me the privilege to lead people to Himself and to disciple them to become useful vessels for Him; I have hosted and started home assemblies that are fresh, dynamic, growing, spreading, life-giving in the oneness of the body over decades; and I am connected to a growing network of like-minded believers with Jesus Christ and the oneness of His body as their primary spiritual pursuit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not at all boasting of myself as if I am specially gifted or spiritual; no. I am just like everyone else with all the typical challenges of family and business life. Over the course of my life, I have succumbed to various worldly temptations; therefore, I do not consider myself a “holy” man in any way. However, I love because I have been forgiven much; and I truly believe that what has helped me in my life’s journey, which has brought so much blessing, is also available for all people, the regular “Joe” and “Jane.”

It is the knowledge and understanding of the truth of Jesus Christ and His purpose that has made a difference in every aspect of my life. This truth is the common treasure for all believers and is available for all to see throughout the Scriptures. Over the course of my Christian life, I have studied the Bible diligently and have learned myriads of various teachings and practices from teachers: some have worked for me in my life and in my services, others I have put aside because they were confusing, deadening or divisive, and many are just not important enough for me to dwell on. I have collected and sorted out all the teachings that have affected me. I have also discovered fresh revelations and received new insight from the Scriptures by the Spirit’s direct guidance (not learned from others). ONE represents a curating of the teachings and practices relating to the truth of God’s eternal purpose that has brought blessings to me. God desires that all people would come to the full knowledge of the truth and it is through truth that His people receive and experience all spiritual blessings that have been poured out. It is the understanding of the truth, which renews the mind and that opens the window of our being to receive all that is related to the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

I am compelled to share with all what I have seen and practiced concerning God’s eternal purpose. Specifically, I have seen that God’s eternal purpose is intently realized and manifested when His people are ONE. I have also seen that this oneness can be practiced and enjoyed throughout daily living and in homes. I am convinced that this oneness of fellowship among believers from house to house does not have to conflict with the system of institutional churches. Believers do not need to choose one over the other. Churches today are really ministries. They represent the ministries of pastors, ministers, or different schools of teachings. Though often they can

disappoint, many people do receive help and support from them. Therefore, institutional churches and independent home assemblies can co-exist because they serve different purposes and believers can participate in both. Of course, there are actually sectarian churches that hold back their members from fellowshipping with other Christians. In such a case, individuals will have to decide whether his or her calling is to be dedicated to a person’s ministry or enter into the freedom of the universal fellowship with all believers.

I am motivated because I believe that there is a yearning within every follower of Jesus Christ to participate in the one fellowship of Jesus Christ where diverse believers of all stripes love one another. This fellowship in oneness is primarily manifested in homes, from house to house, where Jesus Christ is lifted up in the unifying Spirit. This oneness of believers within the Trinity practiced and manifested today will bring salvation and liberation to the unsaved, those under bondage, and the spiritually deadened. I want to see the prayer of Jesus in John 17 answered completely in my days.

To be continued…

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