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ONE in Messiah Conference

How does the spiritual condition of the body of Christ relate to end time prophecies? Well, Jesus prayed (in John chapter 17) for His people to be ONE and we believe that His prayer will be answered at "the end of the age."

Experience a weekend of diverse believers with different perspectives coming together in ONEness as the body of Christ. Here's what you will learn and experience at the ONE in Messiah Conference:

  • The vision of the oneness of God's people bringing in the last revival;

  • How every believer can practice oneness now without the need of religious organization;

  • Evangelizing the "Jesus way;"

  • Healing the breach in the Tabernacle of David to bring in His glory;

  • Discerning the signs of the time -- Preparing for His coming glory;

  • Subduing the Powers of Darkness through Deliverance & Discipleship;

  • The Lord's new commandment, lost and found;

  • The "Greater Exodus" is now--Catch the Vision;

  • How to experience and enjoy Christ as your Life for His one body;

The ONE in Messiah Conference will be held in Sacramento, California on March 16-18, 2018. To learn more, copy & paste this link: or click on the "conference" link at the top of this page.

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