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Alpha Ekklesia: A Unique Course

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Alpha Ekklesia is an eight-part video series created to kickstart the Lord’s ekklesia among diverse sets of believers.


Some of our fellow believers go to different churches. However, an increasing percentage do not associate with a traditional church; these are called "none's" in reference to their Christian affiliation. Jesus prayed that all of His followers would be one, which looks like a free-flowing fellowship between believers of various backgrounds and convictions. In this series, you will learn biblical principles that facilitate organic and peaceful fellowship with diverse believers, and how our understanding of "church" differs from the "ekklesia" Jesus spoke of in Matthew 16:18 and 18:17.


These eight 20-minute videos are designed to be watched with a group of diverse believers promoting an open discussion concerning God’s eternal purpose for His people to be one in Him.

Introduction to Alpha Ekklesia Video Series

Benefits and Results of Oneness

A call to action.


Initiating fellowship with those unfamiliar


A “democratic assembly” of believers


Ministers teaming up for “the faith of the gospel”

Three Gifts for Organic Oneness

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