Advancing the message of God’s eternal purpose: His people in the faith of Jesus Christ becoming manifestly ONE as seen in the building up of the Lord’s ekklesia. God’s ekklesia is an organic oneness resulting from the understanding and enjoyment of the three gifts given to His people as found in John 17—that they may be one as the Father and the Son are ONE. This oneness will cause the world to believe in the reality of Jesus Christ--"Then the world will know tha you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me" (John 17:23).

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We are not starting a church or a federation of churches (a denomination)

We are not against institutional or organized churches

We are not promoting any ecumenical movements


Hal Townsend graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Friends Bible College (now, Barclay College) in Kansas.  He entered into ministry as a Youth Pastor at the Medford Friends Church in Oregon.  There he met his wife.  Over the past 40 years Hal has enjoyed a Christ-centered home where they raised four children. Soon after their marriage Hal left the formal ministry when they moved to the San Francisco Bay Area.  He has been working in Employee Benefits consulting since 1989; now retired.

Hal was raised in a pastor's family in the Midwest and came to Jesus at the age of nine during one of the church's annual revival meetings.  He became active in church youth choirs and traveled extensively up through his college years with choirs and contemporary Christian bands presenting the gospel in churches, high schools, camps, and conferences.  During his time of formal ministry, Hal became dissatisfied with institutional Christianity and began to desire the early church experience of simply assembling with other believers in order to experience Christ-centered Body-Life.  This eventually led to home gatherings for Bible study, fellowship, encouragement, and building up one another.  Since the early 1990s, Hal and his wife have been actively assembling with other believers in homes to enjoy organic body-life--as the Lord's ekklesia.



Douglas W. Krieger is the owner of Tribnet Publications, a prolific author, retired public school administrator, mathematician, and blogger. He has authored/co-authored and published some 20+ books.  Doug is a frequent conference speaker and serves on the Board of Directors of a variety of Evangelical Ministries:  Urban Hope Alliance (Sacramento), Word to Russia (West Sacramento), Chair of the COMMONWEALTH OF ISRAEL FOUNDATION based in Arizona which is working on a Commonwealth Reference Bible with a team of editors and, of course, has been a Board Member with One Body Life for nearly three years--and is a major contributor to the One Body Life blog,  as well as working on the curriculum for the Christ Ekklesia Institute.

His works are both prophetic and dedicated to Evangelical relevance in today's world--calling out Christians to rise up during the final hours of human history to bear the TESTIMONY OF JESUS before a world so desperately in need of the supernatural intervention of the Deliverer who shall roar out of Zion.

He has been happily married for over 50 years to his beloved Deborah with three children, all of whom love the Lord--and a growing "quiver" of grandchildren. He was graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with post-graduate studies in Educational Administration at California State University, Sacramento. His background includes biblical training from Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon. Doug came to Christ in high school through a local Bible Study group with his sister, Jerri Tuck--both of whom met the Lord and by God's grace have never turned back from following their Savior and Lord.


Henry Hon graduated from UC Berkeley with an engineering degree. Soon afterwards, he co-founded a folding bicycle company, DAHON, which became the largest company of its kind in the world. Henry has been a "serial entrepreneur" ever since. He and his wife, Sylvia, of over 44 years have raised four children and currently have eight grandchildren. His immediate family represents the “melting pot” of America with descendants from Europe, Africa, China, and Southeast Asia.

Henry came to know and serve Jesus Christ in 1969 during the Jesus People Movement. At that time, he saw God’s purpose is for the ONEness of His people. He has been aspiring for the growing experience and expression of this reality. He has been studying the Bible and participating in ministry since he was 16 years old. His services included open air evangelism, youth ministry, college ministry, leadership role in “church planting,” pastoring, teaching, and home group expansion. He has dedicating the rest of His life to advancing and the building up of God’s ekklesia.

Henry is the author of three books, the "ONE Trilogy." These books expound on God’s eternal purpose being His ekklesia, and the Lord’s epic prayer in John 17 for the ONEness of His people through three distinct gifts: eternal life, truth, and glory. These gifts are a culmination of the major points of Christian teaching that he has studied and successfully integrated into his own life; together with some fresh and crucial insights into the Scriptures, they are the essence of his ministry content.

Henry started this ministry to trumpet the message of ONE. God has opened doors for this message and to spread this in an increasing number of countries. His three books form the core of the content of this ministry.


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