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What is Alpha Ekklesia?

Alpha Ekklesia is an eight-part video series created to kickstart the Lord’s ekklesia among believers from differing perspectives, various churches, and even the "nones" and "dones." Watch these short videos with a group of diverse believers and enjoy open discussion together concerning God’s eternal purpose for His people to be one in Him. God is waiting to command His blessings on those in unity.


Ekklesia is not starting another group to compete with churches; rather, it is a place for diverse believers to fellowship in love and oneness for encouragement and building up without any pressure to conform.

Why Is It Called Alpha Ekklesia?

 “Alpha” is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. The Alpha Ekklesia course helps start an ekklesia by providing the vision and the practice according to God’s eternal purpose. This series is designed for the Lord’s ekklesia to become organically viral where no one person, church, or ministry can control. 

What Is The Goal of Alpha Ekklesia?

Our desire is to build up the Lord’s one Body so that His diverse believers would utilize their gifts, come to the unity of the faith, and to maturity. Coming together in oneness with diverse and sometimes contrary believers will cause God to command blessings into your lives, the unbelieving to receive faith in Jesus Christ, crush Satan, and give glory to God.  Those who have the revelation and conviction concerning the building up of the Lord’s ekklesia will want to take action. 

This series is successful if after graduation most will continue to participate in the Lord’s ekklesia at least once a month, and at least one or two people will organize and facilitate a new group of diverse believers to go through this series. 

Alpha Ekklesia Best Practices (What does it look like?)

  • Gather 8-12 believers, preferably in a home, from diverse backgrounds who are not normally in fellowship with each other.

  • To receive the full benefits, each person should commit to going through all 8 video sessions together. 

  • During the discussion observe these guidelines:

    • Don’t let anyone dominate the discussion or monopolize the discussion time.

    • Be respectful and supportive of everyone’s input, even those with unique perspectives.

    • The discussion is successful when everyone contributes.

    • Stay on the discussion questions and avoid going off point on a tangent.

  • Ideally, a different person would volunteer each week to facilitate the meeting so that no one person is seen as the "leader." Here is the role of the facilitator:

    • ​​Manage the audio-video component of the session.

    • Make sure the discussion stays on the chosen topic.

    • Encourage everyone to participate.

    • Manages the time schedule.

  • It is best is to gather once a week for eight weeks for about 90 minutes per session.

    • Begin with a pot-luck meal, hors d’oeuvres, or snacks. This should take about 30-40 minutes.

    • Watch one of the 20 minutes videos for each session.

    • Have an open and respectful discussion over a few key verses or questions from the video. Discussion should take about 30-40 minutes.

  • The ninth session is the “graduation” where the entire group is encouraged to invite both believing and unbelieving friends to experience ekklesia together. By this time, the group should be able to have ekklesia with communion together. It will be an amazing time of fellowship and participation in the moving of the Spirit.

  • Encourage participants to register to become members of so they will have access to the pages with discussion questions and support material.

Content of Alpha Ekklesia Course

  1. Eight 20 minute videos

  2. Discussion verses and questions for each session/video

  3. Study guide for those desiring to study each sessions’ topic with Scriptural references.

  4. Reference material for further reading.

  5. FAQ (in progress)

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