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One body life nigeria

For too long, followers of Christ in Nigeria have allowed divergent doctrinal understandings, Christian practices and personalities, worldly politics, and many other “issues” to divide them. No wonder the world has not believed and instead has mocked the name of Christ. Christians have spent much time and energy in evangelistic techniques, but how many have entered into Jesus’ prayer found in John 17 whereby the world will believe when they see His people living out the ONEness found only in the Triune God? The Lord promised when His people are ONE then the world will believe. Wouldn’t this be the most powerful evangelistic tool?

"Generally, when the matter of oneness or unity is discussed among Christians, it is related to unity in their own church, denomination, ministry, or group. It is centered on the need for unity within their narrowly defined group. There are an abundant number of ecumenical discussions where various Christian institutions are negotiating some sort of organizational oneness between various factions. The ONEness expressed in John 17 is, however, outside any manipulated human organizational effort—for it is the very oneness found in the Trinity. It crosses organizational barriers. It cannot be arranged systematically. It stems from that eternal life within each believer. Being ONE is not a result of negotiations or human coordination—it is an organic outcome from everyone’s own relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

Are you a Nigerian or reside in any part of the country and would love to learn and understand this truth?

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Register for a tuition free two years Diploma Course at Christ Ekklesia Institute, Ibadan, Nigeria. Click to access the registration form

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Download or Order for Alpha Ekklesia Video Series. Practice and email feedback to 

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Invite One Body Nigeria Outreach Team to your Conference, Campus, Groups for a presentation. email or call +234)803-854-8073

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Zion, the place of oneness, is God’s desire—even the joy of the entire earth (Psalm 48:2). The entire earth is waiting for the manifestation of the oneness of God’s people. This oneness will usher in peace and joy for the whole earth. The nations of the world are hungry to witness living examples of a people who love one another no matter their peculiarities, their individual differences.

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