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4 songs to sing away sectarianism

You can find all these songs on YouTube. Listening to them will help you sense the oneness of the body of Christ!

Bind us Together Lord by Bob Gillman

"Bind us together with chords that cannot be broken,

Bind us together in love.

There is only one God,

There is only one King,

There is only one body."

We Will Stand by Russ Taff

"I don't care what label you may wear,

If you believe in Jesus you belong with me,

The bond we share is all I care to see . . .

You're my brother, you're my sister,

So take me by the hand . . .

We Are One In The Spirit by Peter Scholtes

We are one in the Spirit We are one in the Lord And we pray that our unity May one day be restored

We Are The Body Of Christ by Scott Wesley Brown & David Hampton

One heart, one spirit, One voice to praise You, We are the body of Christ; One goal, one vision, To see You exalted, We are the body of Christ

"Gospel songs are the songs of hope." --Mahalia Jackson

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