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A guide to guilt-free living

Got guilt? If so, it's not a psychological problem that you need to just get over, medicate, deny, or justify. Guilt is ethical reality. It's an alarm, sounded by your conscience, warning you that you have crossed a moral line into harmful and/or dangerous behaviors, thoughts, or words.

Here are some liberating insights about guilt and conscience, from the book: ONE: Unfolding God's Eternal Purpose From House To House:

"The conscience leads a person away from that which is harmful and toward what is beneficial."

"A person's conscience is like an inner guide that helps them to discern right from wrong."

"A person's conscience will object and accuse when an action may be harmful to themselves or others."

"If your conscience objects, surely God also objects since He is even greater."

"Nerve endings in a person's fingers help prevent their fingers from getting seared; however, if those endings are damaged and a person has no sensitivity to heat, their fingers could catch on fire without the person even being aware. In the same way, a person's conscience can be seared so that it has no more sensitivity. That person becomes susceptible to receiving and accepting all sorts of harmful and evil things."

"When a person's conscience alerts them to an offense that is causing a rift in a relationship, it is important to attempt to reconcile quickly with the offended person."

"A believer's conscience is connected with the Holy Spirit. They have an uplifted conscience able to sense whether they are living according to their human or divine nature. It reflects the thoughts and feelings of the Holy Spirit."

"The more believers live according to their conscience, the more they will manifest the divine nature as sons of God."

The key to removing guilt from your conscience is let the guilt you feel create in your heart, genuine sorrow for your wrongs. Then, sincerely ask God to forgive you of those wrongs. Finally, begin to listen to your conscience and start obeying it.

As you can see, removing your guilt is very simple, but it is impossible to do in your own power. That's why Jesus Christ died and rose and lives today. His death paid the penalty for your wrongs and offers you forgiveness. By being alive today, He can live in you and give you supernatural power to obey your conscience and do what is right.

Why not completely surrender your life and your will to the living Jesus, right now, and receive His forgiveness? Then begin to follow and obey Him, by allowing His supernatural presence and power to work in and through you, 24/7/365!

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