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An exciting ONE Amazon review! (You can write one, too.)

Here's an exciting Amazon review of ONE. You can write one, too -- just go to this link:

I wish I had found this book sooner! Over the last 15 years, I have read a rather extensive amount of books on ecclesiology. Not only would I put Mr. Hons book right up there with some great works in that category, I really, really enjoyed his writings that involve how the eternal purpose is affected by our practices of being the church, so to speak, particularly, in our attitudes and determinations to be one in Christ Jesus as the body of Christ.

A lot of people have given verbiage to that but Henry REALLY breaks down tons of Scripture and life experience. Henry did a great job in this work.

Zero doubt, if I was gonna hand off to my kids 10 books (outside of the Bible) that I would hope they understand in their life, I would put this work in that list. No spoilers, but my oh my, chapters 11 through 13 for me were such a breakthrough on a personal level.

With well over 40,000 different denominations in the Christian landscape, I don't see how this book and this message could not be more critical at this time in the church. So glad I found this!

--Gunnar Falk, co-host, The Unchurching podcast

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