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Breaking down the "bond of peace."

To often we let the "bond of peace" break down in the body of Christ. Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:3 that we should be "Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." (NKJ) But what did Paul mean by that. Let's look in the Greek and break down Paul's meaning, word by word.

"Endeavoring" is from the Greek word "spoudazó." Some translations translate it as "make every effort." However, the word had another meaning -- "be prompt," "be quick," "hurry." When the unity of the Spirit begins we need to quickly get back to it!

"To keep" is from "tērein" which means "to preserve," "to guard," "to maintain." We need to keep the unity of the Spirit from being disrupted or discarded.

"Unity" is from "henotēta" meaning "the harmony from sharing likeness of nature with the Lord." It is "God produced unity between believers."

"Spirit" is from "pneumatos" which can mean "breath" or "spirit" or the "Spirit" of God" (the Holy Spirit). Of course, in this case it means the Spirit of God.

"In" is from "en" which can also mean "with," "through," or "by."

"Bond" is from "syndesmō" which means "close union" or "a close (inner) identity which produces close harmony between members joined closely together."

"Peace" is from "eirēnēs" which means "tranquility." It can also mean "wholeness; when all essential parts are joined together." We miss out on peace when we're not together in wholeness.

All this comes together as:

Be quick to maintain the God produced unity of the Holy Spirit through the close inner union of being joined together with one another in wholeness.

When something disrupts (or is about to disturb) our unity with another believer or body of believers, we should immediately go and reconnect with them in the Spirit by praying together, humility, confession, repentance, flowing in the gifts of the Spirit, speaking the truth in love, compassion, and other spiritual disciplines; until our hearts are reconnected and our inner unity in Christ is fully restored.

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