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Feeling a little off? Reset your heart & mind!

If you ever feel a little off, don't stay that way. Reset your heart and life to a vibrant understanding of and dynamic relationship with the living Jesus!

I've discovered that a few Christian books have a special ability to work that way in me, when I read them. They reset my heart and life. They stir me up on the inside. I sense God's presence when I read them.

I love it when God brings a book like that my way. I read it and reread it. I devour it. I can't get enough.

Over my years of walking with the Lord, He has brought me many books like that. A few of them are pictured in the photo that goes with this blog.

Of course, my top book of all times, isn't really "a book." It's a library of 66 books -- the Bible! I read something from the Bible almost every day! It resets my heart, my mind, and my life.

For the past 6 months I've been combing through the book ONE. It's quite long and packed with fresh ideas and insights about Scripture. It's full of Scripture quotes and they are highlighted so that they jump out at you. I've found that I don't have to read it from cover to cover. I can just pick it up and flip it open and I usually read something that powerfully impacts me.

Don't just consume the negative media that surrounds you. Choose some positive uplifting media and devour it. Start with the Bible and pray that God will lead you to some books He wants you to read. Reset. Reset. Reset to godly thinking.

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