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Getting into & marking up ONE!

ONE isn't a book that you just browse through once and then are done with. I've been combing it over for months now, underlining, taking notes, sharing it with others; and I'm still getting so much from it.

ONE grabs you and holds your attention. You can go back to it over and over again and continually discover fresh insights, new inspiration, and practical ideas. It's really a house church handbook that helps you understand small home groups, both practically and theologically, so that you can feel comfortable stepping out and starting a home meeting in your own house.

You can read ONE a little at a time, or you can study it like a text book. Either way, ONE stirs up the heart with such a vision of unity in the body of Christ that you start believing that it can really happen and you want it to begin with you.

There are many wonderful things in ONE that you will want to quote, to remember, and to share with others. Many quotations from ONE are listed on Goodreads @

Check out a few of those quotes. Then get into ONE for yourself. It's on Kindle and in paperback. Personally, I prefer the paperback so that I can work it over as I underline, fold corners over, and write notes in the margins.

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