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Here's one person's view of ONE from her Amazon review:

"When You Read This Book, You'll Want To Start Your Own House Church!"

By Lisa H. April 18, 2017 -- Format: Paperback| Verified Purchase

I am not the type to pick up a book and just read. I had heard good things about "ONE" and purchased a copy. It seemed like a lot of book so it took me a few months to finally pick it up. I wasn't disappointed!

For someone such as myself who never thought I "knew enough" or had what it took to start a house church or home fellowship, this book completely changed the way I viewed myself in God's eyes and gave me the confidence to start a gathering in my home. Henry Hon has a gift for taking something I have always thought of as so complex (Scripture) and putting it into such an easily understood format. He breaks everything down in short, easily understood paragraphs. His writing abilities also made the read not only easy to absorb but also really interesting to the point that I didn't want to put it down! My dream would be for every believer, (and non believer) to read this book. It would no doubt mend many of the divisions we experience as Christians. I walked away with a new-found love for my brothers and sisters and with the confirmation that God doesn't care how we baptize or what denomination you belong to -- all He cares about is that we love and believe in His one and only Son, Jesus Christ -- that's it!! "ONE" will make you realize how simple this really is -- we are indeed One Body in Christ. Very highly recommend!

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