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It's Not Me (a response to Philip)

(This is a response to what Philip van Dijk wrote about his experiences of being "mentored" in a blog posted in

It was such an enjoyable 5 months fellowshipping with Philip regularly. We opened to each other concerning our experiences and prayed together over what the Lord has touched us.

It seems that Philip gave me a lot of credit for mentoring, but I really shouldn’t take so much credit since I believe that any believer fellowshipping over these chapters with an open heart and a prayerful spirit will have similar experiences as Philip and I had.

The reason is that the book, chapter by chapter, is just going over the Scriptures concerning Jesus Christ and God’s eternal purpose. I am not the source of any light and revelation; it is the Spirit in the Word of God that is full of shining and unveiling.

So I would encourage anyone interested in my book, ONE, to gather with one or two more people to read, then have a time to fellowship together over the chapter read. You can bring up questions, related experiences and insights gained from those chapters. Pray for one another and concerning what the Lord is speaking to each one.

The benefit is not because you would agree with all the points, but that all points brought up will challenge you to consider them before the Lord in your pursuit of Him.

And of course, I am open to connect with anyone who has further questions and desiring fellowship.

Read His blog here:

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