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Jennifer's Alpha Ekklesia Story (Videos 1-3)

Updated: May 19, 2022

God is working through the One Body Life Alpha Ekklesia course! Alpha Ekklesia is an eight-week video series that is designed to help a group apply the fundamental principles of ekklesia, and how ekklesia is different from traditional church. This is Jennifer’s story of how the Alpha Ekklesia course has impacted her life and community. As you read this, you will notice how her experience mirrors what Paul taught in I Corinthians 14.


Good morning Brother Henry! I just had to share with you about Ekklesia last night! We had a group of about twelve. Poor Diana was in so much pain that they didn’t make it. Even so, the Lord brought people! It was an amazingly diverse group of believers and a couple of unbelievers. What a great night sharing a meal and having fellowship. We had an edifying discussion after watching the first video! You will love this part, my oldest Daughter popped in to drop something off, she walked in and saw this group of people—ALL of whom she knew, but NONE of whom made any sense being together! Among them: my oldest son’s girlfriend’s parents who have been homeless and addicted to drugs for 20 years until they came to Christ two years ago, my friend who is a therapist, my former husband, and my 20-year-old son, his girlfriend, and my disabled brother-in-law, all sitting together in my living room fellowshipping with one another. The look on my daughter’s face was priceless! Only in Christ, right?! By our love they will know us! I appreciate you and Sylvia so much! So thankful for you!


We had a small group but it was fruitful! We watched and discussed the second [Alpha Ekklesia] video. Neither Diana nor I had seen it yet! We both particularly loved your illustration of having thoughts in your head that are unknown to others if they’re not made into words [as a metaphor for] Jesus as the Word. Jesus is the Word! I am seeing so many things in Scripture differently than I ever had before. The oneness of the Body has become a tangible thing! I realize that the misinterpretation of the word church/ekklesia has convoluted, at least in my mind, what Jesus meant by being one with other believers! Just understanding that one simple word has changed my understanding tremendously! Lives are being changed—scattered children are seeing and knowing their places in the Body! I am so grateful for your willingness to work so hard to get this message out, Henry! I’m praising God for what He’s done through you!


Ekklesia last night was powerful! We had a new sister join us, a single mother with her young children. She has been out of fellowship largely due to isolation during the pandemic and the overwhelm of trying to take her kids to church, an infant, and three older kids. She came early, and we shared a meal.

Listening to the needs represented in our group reminded me of the great blessing of this kind of fellowship, an environment in which we can get to know each other and our individual struggles and needs. It has become my prayer that we will all be willing to not only share our gifts to bless each other but our resources to help meet each other's needs! After all, it all belongs to the Lord anyway.

There is a gal who's been a regular in the group, who has had a very difficult past and is still basically homeless, yet Jesus saved her, and her life is now a testimony to the restorative nature of our God. She has many edifying things to share, and the Holy Spirit really speaks through her. Where else would anyone hear her story if not in a group like this one? One sister, in particular, was especially encouraged by her testimony.

We watched the second video for a second time since some were missing, and some were new. Some points that we were moved to discuss afterward were the weight of guilt so many carry, often for years or decades, and how our enemy uses it. The Holy Spirit encouraged us, using one another, to embrace the forgiveness we receive as Children of God and not let the enemy cripple our witness and steal our joy using guilt.

Another point of interest to us was Henry's observation that Jesus, before his resurrection, was with his disciples, yet after his spiritual resurrection, he could also be in his disciples and us in him.

The Body of Christ and its real purpose makes more and more sense to me!


Last Thursday night’s ekklesia was blessed even though we had a smaller group than usual. We watched the third video. One member of the group expressed exactly what I can also attest to, having this kind of fellowship has deepened and enriched their life (and mine) and made the concept of the Body of Christ a tangible thing. Rather than a sentiment the Body of Christ is a lifeline to spiritual health and well being. The third video addresses eternal life. How interesting it is that we can count today as part of our eternal life and begin enjoying the riches of it here on earth! Being in the Lord’s Ekklesia is really essential in experiencing these blessing. Without being in fellowship we would not be able to experience them in full because in our heavenly home we will be TOGETHER in perfect fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ!

So wonderful to take being one with Jesus to this level! Very thankful for Henry's willingness to share what God has taught him about fellowship and to you Scott for helping him to get it into the hands of believers!

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