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People are excited about ONE!

"This book is the 95 Thesis of the 21st Century! It is that REVOLUTIONARY!I A must read for every member of the body of Christ." --Keith T. Graff

"What a joy to read! I have read the Bible several times, along with books and commentaries about the Bible. I always look for those moments that reveal something about the Lord in a way that I have never considered. This book did that many times for me." --Jay Tyler

"Brilliant read, highly recommend it. Henry Hon is a deep thinker who has a passion to see unity in the Christian world. I really liked his perspective on leadership, the gospels and defining church." --Rebecca Gertner Morgan

"ONE helps us focus on what Jesus wanted His church to be; unified, walking in love towards each other, and being salt and light in this present age. I recommend this book to help us get our eyes back on God's kingdom." --Lisa Hammond

"I can't find the words to express how powerful this book is." --Jeremy George

"This book is deep, nourishing, enlightening and encouraging! It is not dogmatic or critical in any way, but, rather, encouraging to believers who desire to experience and maintain the oneness we have as members of the body of Christ." --Hal Townsend

"If I was gonna hand off to my kids 10 books (outside of the Bible) that I would hope they understand in their life, I would put this work in that list." --Gunnar Falk

"This book is a refreshing alternative and answer to those who want to point out differences between followers of Christ. It clearly points to the unity of the faith that should be a hallmark of Christians. I hope that you'll read this book." --JJ Jones

"In the midst of a much divided physical 'church' this book points toward unity in the body of Messiah in a practical way. Anyone who reads ONE is sure to gain practical wisdom for fellowship in home assemblies." --SimTov Y'Shua

"If you need hope in our hostile, negative, rude, and violent world, you need to read the book ONE. It is full of practical and encouraging ways to bring people from various backgrounds and persuasions together in heart-felt unity and loving community." --Steve Simms

Read more reviews on Amazon. Google ONE: Unfolding God's Eternal Purpose From House To House.

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