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Power Words from ONE

“Consider the fruit of the Spirit; that is what the Christian life should be.”

“All believers need to become teachers, shepherds, ministers, and good-news-bearers.”

“Try going out of your comfort zone and doing something for someone else.”

“It is so easy and effortless for Christians to just join a church and follow its leadership and practices without seeking the Lord for personal discernment.”

Believers can search the Scriptures on their own, and allow the Word of God, coinciding with the Holy Spirit, to enlighten their understanding, and open their spiritual eyes.”

“Where everyone is accepted equally as a brother or sister in Christ, and where there is an open forum without a set program and format, believers will be in an environment where their gifts will develop and manifest naturally.”

“Every believer is called to teach and each needs to exercise toward this function. Otherwise, they will remain a babe and never mature. Sharing what the believer has learned should begin as soon as a person comes to know the Lord.”

“It is a good practice to invite Christians to your house for fellowship. Inviting people into your house means that you are open to them, that you have nothing to hide from them, and that they are welcomed to be comfortable around you.”

“Believers should be open to and encourage the Spirit's moving within each one, including the spontaneity from individual initiatives when gathered together. Believers need to be vigilant to prevent formality of liturgy where the Spirit is stifled, and individual initiatives are not allowed.”

"Christians will remain a babe if they do not exercise and begin teaching others themselves. Maturity is not about knowing a lot but whether the believer is actually participating in the ministry.”

“In order for the assembly (ekklesia) to be built up, every believer needs to rise up and be actively seeking the Lord and functioning according to the gifts that the Spirit has given each one.”

“A minister, servant, or worker of the Lord Jesus is not a 'special' believer belonging to a 'special group.' According to New Testament revelation, every believer should be a minister, servant, or worker.”

“In Acts, every believer was living in a direct relationship with Him (Christ) and each one functioned normally as a member of His body in oneness with all believers.”

“Jesus was able to die as the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world because He was without sin. He was qualified to be an adequate substitute so mankind doesn't have to die but instead can receive the forgiveness of sins.”

“Paul's aspiration was to know Jesus Christ in a way that was experiential.”

“Believers who come to know the Scripture in a living way, in both knowledge and Spirit, can in turn, use this Word to minister to people around them.”

“There are about 56 incidences of the phrase 'one another' in the New Testament in relation to the members being in the body...This is the mutual giving and receiving in the body...Without every member of the body functioning, the body will be crippled or handicapped.”

“Without the persistent rising up of individuals that seek the Lord and place themselves under His direct leadership, churches will inevitably...slip into human hierarchy, institutionalizing a system of doctrines and practices.”

“Though the Reformation originated with the Lord's fresh move through various reformers, in a rather short time the resulting churches became institutionalized with a mixture of politics, human organization, and hierarchy.”

“When a person denies his conscience for too long, it can become seared. That person becomes susceptible to receiving and accepting all sorts of harmful and evil things. This is true for both believers and unbelievers. A seared conscience will open a person up to demonic spirits and activities.”

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