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In Henry's interview by Frank Viola, Henry explains why there is very little in Christian public space written about God's eternal purpose


What do you believe is the reason so few authors and speakers write and speak on God's eternal purpose today?

Henry: Most Christians are concerned mainly with what God can do for them, their own interest. As long as they are saved to go to heaven and God blesses them here on earth, then they are quite satisfied. God’s eternal purpose is concerning what God is after, His interest, and what is on His heart. Therefore, most Christians are not interested in such a topic if they don’t think it can affect them or benefit them directly.

On the other hand, there is a longing within every Christian to know what their life’s purpose is. They are eager to know what God has in store for them. That is why a book like “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren sold over 30 million copies. That book, however, did not unveil the highest revelations concerning God’s eternal purpose - the way some few other books, like yours, “From Eternity to Here” did. I was able to touch in it a fresh and in-depth revelation about the topic which is unavailable in those other life motivation books.

Generally, the presentation of God’s eternal purpose is exalted and majestic in the form of His people being the Kingdom of God, the bride or the Body of Christ, and more. Yet, most of these presentations may not have clearly identified inclusively that the matter of oneness among all believers in the Trinity is the essence of all descriptions concerning God’s eternal purpose. If oneness is not emphasized, then the vision is mainly for personal inspiration and edification. But if oneness is emphasized, then this high vision of God’s eternal purpose becomes very challenging in the current practices of Christianity. Oneness among believers is where the rubber hits the road, bringing God’s eternal purpose down to the practicality of how Christians interact with each other, and what the assembly should look like according to God’s eternal purpose.

Furthermore, some prominent Christian groups have staked their claim on being the true church and they preach the oneness of the body, but generally, they have come across to be even more judgmental and sectarian. Therefore, most Christian teachers shy away from emphasizing on the matter of the oneness of all diverse believers, and most Christians relegate this beautiful image to the future, in the by and by, maybe in the Kingdom of God or in heaven one day. It’s too tangled of a mess to deal with now.

It is my opinion that the above reasons have limited the market for such books. Therefore, my book is to elevate the matter of oneness in relation to God’s eternal purpose and to explore practically how the prayer of Jesus in John 17 brings believers into one without starting another division, another church.

To be concluded...

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