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Here is a continuation (Part 4) of Frank Viola’s recent interview of Henry Hon about his book, “ONE: Unfolding God’s eternal purpose from house to house”.


What makes ONE different from other books written on the Eternal Purpose from 1963 till date?

Henry: This book expounds on the Lord’s Prayer in John 17 for His followers to be one. It reveals that the oneness of God’s people can be produced by receiving the three gifts Jesus gave, and so, accomplish God’s eternal purpose. In it, God’s eternal purpose is clearly defined as being intrinsically fulfilled and manifested when God’s people are in perfect oneness in the Trinity - as the Father and the Son are one.

ONE is a step by step journey for seeing and entering practically into God’s eternal purpose. Although God’s eternal purpose is mysterious, wonderful and elevated to the peak in its vision and concept; yet, it should be experienced and applied right in the center of our daily living; in the heart of where we are the most exposed and genuine, in our homes. It should not be relegated to merely a theological discussion in seminaries and churches, but it should be effective and practical in our job, with our family and friends, and in our service to society and God.

The first gift for accomplishing God’s eternal purpose is eternal life. ONE dives into the four spiritual essentials that will naturally cause the eternal life in the believers to grow and mature: nutrients (eating and drinking); breath (environment); exercise; and sleep (rest). A spiritually mature believer can love and have fellowship with all kinds of Christians and can usher others into the oneness of Jesus Christ.

The second gift is truth. The truth in John 17 is God’s Word, and the Word throughout John is defined as Jesus Christ. He is the truth. It is He, as truth, who sets people free. It is the truth that builds up believers into one. The truth is unveiled in the Bible, but not everything presented in the Bible is truth. Although Christians should treasure the Bible, Christianity is divided over various teachings and practices in the Bible. This book points out the major points of the truth that unites. All the points of truth are focused on Jesus Christ: who He is, what He has accomplished, His salvation and the building up of His corporate body into one.

The third gift is His glory. This is the glory that Jesus Christ received in His humanity through His service on the cross. This same glory is now given to every believer that we too may bear our cross, deny the self (ego), and in service to minister Jesus Christ for the building up of the assembly, His body. Pride among Christians is a major dividing factor. The glory of Jesus is the humility needed to minister in the gospel work and to serve one another in the love of Christ for the building up of His body. A servant in the glory of Jesus Christ will unite and not divide.

After giving each one of these gifts, Jesus prayed that they may be one. Three gifts given, three times prayed for the oneness of His followers. It is very significant indeed. It is by understanding, accepting and entering into the experiences of these three gifts that believers are made one…as one as the Father and the Son are one. It is this oneness that will cause the world to believe. This was promised by Jesus in His prayer. Just as the oneness among the believers brought in the first “revival” in Acts 2, it will be the believers becoming one that will bring in the next and last revival.

To be continued

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