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Unity in Christ: What blocks it & what unlocks it!

We recently asked two questions on our ONE Body Life Facebook Page about unity in Christ. We got a great response and amazing answers to both!

1) "What do you think are the top 3 reasons for division in the body of Christ?" And: 2) "What are 3 things you can do to help heal divisions in the body of Christ?" Here are the answers in the order they were posted.

First: What blocks unity?

* Pride; Lust for power; Satanic deception.

* 501c3, church names, politics ,buildings, salaries.

* Christians who are uneducated regarding the Bible, church history, their own denomination's tenants and wolves in sheep's clothing.

* Pride, pride and pride.

* Lack of understanding of fundamental repentance.

* Religion, Religion, Religion.

* Man wanting to lead and not serve.

* Denominations, Denominations, Denominations.

* Pride, lack of understanding of the gospel, comfortable bondage.

* People have different opinions that form beliefs and they choose their opinions over relationships.

* Not individually putting Christ at the head of our lives.

* James 3:13-16.

* No knowledge of the Bible. Not realizing that the important thing is the message not the messenger. Not discerning the truth.

* Mistaking political affiliation with godliness.

* Flesh-based performance.

* Human Doing instead of Human Being. Pride. Money.

* Pride, poor communication, unfulfilled expectations or poor and misguided ones.

* Pride/my kingdom mentality, lack of forgiving, greed. Most of it all revolves around pride and the desire for personal glory.

* Poor/lack of understanding of the Oneness of the Christ's body.

* Pride that manifests itself as self-righteousness. Pride that manifests itself in not listening to others. Pride that manifests in refusing to pursue forgiveness and reconciliation.

* Racism, hate, pride.

* Religion, traditions, and pride. Oh, and gossip.

* Culture, Doctrinal Issues. Individualism. Self-Centeredness.

* Exceptional lack of functioning in the Spirit. Tradition. The gospel has been misunderstood, misrepresented, warped.

* Idolatry of Self. Private interpretation of Scripture. Lack of Charity (1 Cor. 13).

* Competitive kingdom building.

* VISION - VISION and more VISION - Except a man be born from above he cannot SEE the kingdom of God.

* Some churches have better coffee than others.

Second. What unlocks unity?

* 1. Pray along with Christ according to John 17. Be humble; things that are not the pillars of the Christian faith (nature and person of God, nature of humanity, gospel), are not worth dividing over - everyone doesn't have to agree with you! 3. Let the love of God be your motivation!

* 1. Choose to love purely. 2. Sit with. Listen. Hear. Pray together where you can meet in agreement. 3. Wait for doors of readiness.. for God's preparation.. for openness.

* Value relationships more than being right. Love God/love people, without unhealthy requirements. Don’t be easily offended and if you are offended be quick to forgive.

* Cross the man-made barriers with His love.

* 1) Don't align with anything that supports or promotes division. 2) Value relationships and be a conduit of Holy Spirit within those relationships. 3) Let Jesus, the Christ be the healer.

* 1. Humbly promote unity by actions. 2. Pray. 3. Wait.

* Agree that the oneness that Christ prayed for is possible, doable. Communicate His love INDISCRIMINATELY to others. 3. Promote anything that makes for peace among those of the household of faith.

* Spend all the time you can getting to know Jesus in a deeper more meaningful and way. Deeply ponder the gospel daily and let it continually transform you. Earnestly seek to understand others in order to better serve/love them.

* 1) Pray for unity and agree with Jesus' prayer in John 17:23). 2) Reach out to and greet other Christians who are different than me in doctrine, race, or denominational affiliation. 3) Talk and write about the unity of the body of Christ in positive, uplifting, and encouraging ways that encourage Christians to lay down barriers and divisions that separate Christians (such as the clergy/laity divide).

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