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When conscience declines, evil expands

The ongoing mass shootings in the United States have people continually asking why? Those horrendous acts of evil and cruelty are breaking our hearts and we want something to done to stop them, but what?

For someone to plan and then to randomly murder as many people as they can, demonstrates a complete disconnection from of any sense of conscience. People with any connection with conscience couldn't do that.

However, in the 21st century, people's conscience is under constant attack through incessant moral relativism; a constant barrage of evil words, sounds, and images; and an almost deification of pleasure and self-satisfaction at any cost. We need a restoration of conscience in our culture!

It's time for some common sense about conscience. The wisdom in these quotes from the book ONE, used to be common sense in Western culture. If we don't return to that wisdom, horror-filled evils will only expand.

"A person's conscience will object and accuse when an action may be harmful to themselves or others. It sounds an inner alarm to keep them from going further."

"The conscience leads a person away from that which is harmful, and toward what is beneficial. Nerve endings in a person's fingers help prevent their fingers from getting seared; however, if those endings are damaged and a person has no sensitivity to heat, their fingers could catch on fire without the person being aware. In the same way a person's conscience can be seared so that it has no more sensitivity."

"When a person denies his conscience for too long, it can become seared. That person becomes susceptible to receiving and accepting all sorts of harmful and evil things. A seared conscience will open a person up to demonic spirits and activities."

To learn some powerful ways to activate the human conscience, google: ONE: Unfolding God's Eternal Purpose From House To House.

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