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ONE Truth eBook

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  • About The eBook

        Jesus said: The truth shall set you free and if the Son sets you free, you shall be free for real. When Jesus declared these words in John 8, the religious people of His day were initially condemning an adulterous woman to death; then after Jesus saved her from her religious fate, they wanted to kill Jesus.


          Truth liberates people from religious condemnation and its zeal that’s ready to kill—if not physically then at least psychologically or spiritually. The word “truth” in the Greek (alethia) means “the reality lying at the basis of appearance.” People are caught up with appearances both in the secular and religious world. There is a hunger within every person for what is real. Your inner being is drained by vanity; truth is needed to nourish, sustain, and energize your soul. The world is full of hostile separations.


           Jesus in John 17 gave the gift of truth ("I have given them Your word . . . Your word is truth"--John 17: 14, 17) so that the most hostile and divided peoples on the planet may become unified. Religious dogma and institutional practices divide, but truth unites. A person who has received logic and life from truth is one who can love, forgive, and express kindness to all; especially, those different or contrary to himself. Jesus answered: “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life” (John 14:6). 

    Bonus: Introducing the Completion Gospel, which is so desperatedly needed as we approach the end of the age!

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