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“God’s Kind” here does not mean “God is kind,” even though He certainly is. Rather, it refers to God’s species or children. Using “God’s Kind” to expound on the Kingdom of God is new and bold. The hope is to jolt readers to think outside the “Kingdom of God box,” which has been rigidly constructed within the various perspectives of major theological schools and has continued to divide Christians.

Satan’s attack on God’s kind is focused on this truism spoken by Jesus: “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a divided household falls” (Luke 11:17b ESV). Satan manipulates immature believers to increase division in God’s Kingdom. Consequently, divided believers become weak, sickly, poor, and ineffectual.

This comprehensive study of God’s Kingdom from Genesis to Revelation exposes Satan’s tactics of dividing God’s children and should motivate them to grow to maturity. God’s Kingdom is not a “theocracy,” as most would assume, but His desire is for a diverse democratic Kingdom where each of His kind can be liberated as distinct individuals. Yet, they love one another in fellowship, expressing the oneness of the Trinity.

Love and oneness express the divine life (DNA) within God’s kind—God’s Kingdom. Seek first His Kingdom, and He will richly provide all things needed for the present life and a rich entrance into the coming Kingdom of God in glory. Immature believers may find themselves unfavorably judged at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Instead of reigning with Christ in the millennial Kingdom, those who stay babes may need another period to grow before the eternal Kingdom.

Being a child of God is an awesome privilege; nevertheless, each person is responsible for building God’s Kingdom. Bringing God’s Kingdom to earth in the present age is an abundant blessing of life, grace, and purpose. God’s kind will triumph over Satan’s kingdom and ultimately give glory to God.

God's Kind

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