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ONE Life and Glory Audio Book

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  • About The Audio Book

     Both Christians and non-Christians like to witness the supernatural, miraculous actions taken by God. Certainly, God can do miracles to heal your loved ones from terminal diseases or to solve all your financial worries with a lottery winning. However, God’s desire with humanity is not to be their “Santa Claus”; His desire and purpose is wonderful beyond imagination: He wants to be “miraculously normal” in humanity.


          Not just hit and miss miraculous events here and there, but miraculous every day, such that it is normal and ordinary. This is God Himself being the source, empowering humanity to live by His divine-eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.


          Being miraculously normal means: it will be indistinguishable whether it is you or God who is loving, caring, forgiving, enduring, and living in this present world. Moreover, services rendered to both God and humanity can likewise be miraculously normal. Ordinary words can be spoken; yet, they can give eternal life to the hearer. Through normal interactions, peace can be made between people previously divided and hostile with one another; they are brought into fellowship.


          One Life & Glory is the third in this series forming a Trilogy together with: One Ekklesia and One Truth. This Trilogy of ONE expounds on the Lord’s prayer in John 17 for all His people to become one—as one as the Father and the Son are one. In His prayer, He gave three gifts to accomplish the oneness of His people: eternal life, truth and His glory. When previously divided, even hostile people, can become one in this present conflicting and confusing age; then the people of the world will believe “the Father sent the Son”—our Lord Jesus Christ.

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