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Billy Graham--Catch & Release

Billy Graham didn't set up a hierarchy or an organization to try and rule over or control the many millions who responded to his sermons. Instead, he released them and encouraged them to spread the good news about Jesus to others.

Billy trusted Christ to lead and direct new converts in their walk with Jesus. He knew that Christian's belong to the living Jesus Christ, not to a preacher, a church, a denomination, or a religious organization.

Billy not only wanted to proclaim the Gospel. He wanted to train other Christians to share the Gospel as well. His organization did many things to equip ordinary Christians to declare their faith and evangelize others. His legacy isn't just the people who came to the Lord while hearing his sermons, but also all the people who were challenged, inspired, and trained by his witness for Christ to become witnesses themselves.

Billy was a pretty ordinary man. He didn’t go to seminary, but look how God used him. He wasn’t a pastor or an official in a church or denomination, but he sure let God work through him.

Too many church leaders are grasping the throat of the body of Christ and not letting the Spirit speak through the members. Authority that needs to rely on titles, hierarchies, and offices is not genuine spiritual authority. The greater a person’s spiritual authority, the less her/his need to control or manipulate others.

Billy Graham didn’t tack a tacky title to his name, but look how God used him. He had no positional power in an institutional church, but he sure let God use him.

Billy rejected formality. If people called him Rev. or Dr. and said, “Call me, Billy,” and look how God used him.

For ordinary people to rise up and obey God, like Billy Graham did, is not rebellion against a church or pastor. It’s a normal part of spiritual growth.

Perhaps God is talking to you about being released to witness for Christ. If so, google ONE: Unfolding God's Eternal Purpose From House To House. It will be a great handbook to encourage you and help you step more freely into God's purpose for your life.

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