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My Testimony: The Danger of Disunity! - JOEL MUKAILA OLATUBOSUN, ESQ.


Born into the family of four, I happened to be the last son in the family. Entering the high school, I was typically a devout Muslim. My parents only allowed me to be reared in the mosque.

Each weekend, I would attend Islamic School situated at Lisaluwa off Ganifawehinmi Road, Ondo, Nigeria, West Africa founded by Alhaji Bashir who was the chief Imam of Ondo Central Mosque in the early' ‘90s.

As a devout Muslim, I did my rakats (daily prayers): I celebrated Ramadan. I read Qu'ran and Hadith regularly in every way. But my devotion was not borne out of love but of fear in that we Muslims believe that no eternal security for any Muslim. Every Muslim fears the scale of justice which weighs his good deeds against his bad deeds.

Similarly, I was taught that Christianity and Islam were antithetical stemming from Killing of Christians by the thousands.

I gave my life to Christ when the gospel of grace was preached to me. And having read some disturbing verses out of the Qu'ran via Surah 5:109-112, Surah 3:43-48, etc.) it became evident to me that Jesus is the way.

I was warmly received by the church while my father disowned me for accepting Christ as it was about the time for me to travel to Cairo in Egypt for further Islamic studies. A couple of weeks later, I won 9 souls for Christ while I was still a spiritual babe.

Ten years later, persecution arose from my church from the Christian leaders as a result of doctrines, teaching that one must marry from the local church not from other denominations. This is a ploy to increase the membership of a particular church, not the Body of Christ. Church became a bondage. Also, the issue of raising funds for the establishment of more churches became another straw that broke the camel's back.

I was shown the back of the door by the church leaders. Since then, I have embarked on the gospel of the eternal purpose of Christ about the Oneness of the Body of Christ.

To sum it up, I met Bro. Henry Hon on a missionary journey to Ile, IFE, Nigeria, West Africa, August, 2019. Meeting him has been a paradigm shift in my life and ministry. I learned from him what I failed to learn from the institutional church. I got to understand the importance of the Oneness of the Body of Christ—clearly and thoughtfully. I got to know that God will build His Assembly (Ekklesia) - the Body of Christ - not the way it is misunderstood as a regulated place of worship with religious offices and titles. I wish I had met Bro. Henry Hon many years back when I was a newly converted Muslim but better late than never.

TAKE NOTE! This is not a diatribe filled with invective against a world religion or Church of God at large. I want every believer to understand the IMPORTANCE of Oneness of the Body of Christ not the church (aka, one’s personal ministry) or doctrine or denomination more clearly and to present Christ effectively. (Jude 1:3). God bless the Assembly of Saints all over the world.

Yours faithfully,


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