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House church -- What's going on?

There is a mighty movement of God happening around the world in the most unusual places -- people's houses. Why are millions of Christians beginning to meet in homes?

The book "ONE: Unfolding God's Eternal Purpose From House To House" can answer that question for you. Here's a quote to give you a sample:

"While the system of institutional churches of various stripes has been well established, the recovery of the independent assembly in homes, house by house, according to the New Testament, is still in it's infancy. Ironically, it is the assembly located in homes that the apostles labored to build up. Yet two thousand years later, it is still obscure. However, the Lord Jesus, according to His desire, has not given up and is recovering the assembly back to its rightful prominence. Since it is a fresh discovery by many believers in recent decades, trial and error is still taking place as believers learn and negotiate their way back to assembling as prescribed by the early apostles.

ONE is full of Scriptures and can serve as a great handbook to help you both understand the biblical basis for house church and help you experience house church where you live. It's available on Amazon in paper back and Kindle (only 3.99) @

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