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This is the second part of Frank Viola’s interview of Henry Hon about his book, “ONE”. Enjoy it…


Instead of asking, “What is your book about?” I’m going to ask the question that’s behind that question, which is, “How are readers going to benefit from reading your book?”

Henry: My hope is that all those in the faith of Jesus Christ will have a renewed consideration and seeking for the oneness of the Body of Christ. “That they may be ONE” was prayed thrice by the Lord Jesus the evening before He went to the cross (John 17). This matter of His people being ONE is paramount in the Lord’s heart. It is for this oneness that He died and resurrected. Being one is the assembly (ekklesia) that He is building. The goal of this book is to inspire believers to hit a “reset button”: reset to ONE. Come back to the unity of the body of Christ. What a benefit it would be if believers have a renewed vision, aspiration, pursuit, and even hope that oneness can be achieved and experienced on earth today before the Lord’s second coming.

It seems that Christians have generally accepted the status quo of divisions in the body. The system of Christianity is such that for the last 1500 years there has been division after division. Sectarianism has become the norm, and true oneness among diverse believers is a rarity. This should not be. If oneness is not manifested in reality, then Jesus’ prayer was in vain. Since we have full confidence that His prayers are all answered, the perfect oneness that He prayed for must come to pass in this age. He must have His glorious bride to welcome His return.

If believers would come back to this oneness of the body, the oneness among all kinds of diverse believers, then, according to Psalm 133, God will command His blessings to be poured out. The more oneness, the more blessings: there is peace, rejoicing, the Spirit anointing, the freshness of Christ and the commanded blessing of God’s eternal life on those living in oneness.

This book also provides a practical outline of how this ONEness can be attained. It discusses clear steps on how to grow in the eternal life which is one of the keys to being one with all believers. It also unveils what is the truth that keeps believers in unity. The truth is the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ. Why would believers divide over non-essential doctrines and practices when the truth is the spiritual food that unites? Finally, believers will learn what each can do as part of daily living to serve God and humanity according to God’s eternal purpose and become a co-worker with God for the building up of the assembly (ekklesia) from house to house.

It is this oneness that manifests the love of God which causes the world to believe in Jesus Christ. This high revelation of God’s eternal purpose can be lived out among family, friends and divergence of believers in homes, from house to house. Not only are the believers blessed in this oneness, but the unbelievers witnessing this oneness, the love for one another, will believe and come to salvation. Becoming one will usher in the next and final revival to bring Jesus back in His Kingdom.

To be continued

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