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So many siblings / so little time

I love to hear about siblings, separated from birth, being reunited. Although they may know nothing about each other, there is an instant connection. Family!

That also happens with spiritual siblings -- brothers and sisters in Christ. Although we many know nothing about each other, when we discover that Jesus is living and working inside of both of us, we experience an instant connection. Spiritual family!

Jesus prayed that all of His followers be one. Since Jesus prayed that, I believe that all who carry Christ within them, are one -- united heart-to-heart. The divisions that we see in the body of Christ are illegitimate -- artificial barriers created by human beings.

If you have Jesus living in you, you have many undiscovered siblings, just waiting for you to find them and enjoy the spiritual connection that is waiting to be had. Our goal with the book ONE and the webpage is not to try to get Christians to agree with us or with one another.

No. Our goal involves a simple, four-letter word -- love. Love is that deep, family connection. Jesus put it this way: "Love one another."

Connecting with unknown siblings will change your life. And it is easy to do. Try this. Invite a Christian you don't know well to your home. Then spend time talking with one another about Jesus and how you came to know Him. Soon, you will feel love stirring in your heart -- the family connection of spiritual siblings.

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