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The other 3 "Christmas" gifts

Most people are familiar with the Christmas story of the wise men who brought Jesus three gifts. However, perhaps we haven't heard the rest of the whole Christmas story. Perhaps we need to discover what happened to that Baby in the manger when He grew up.

Many people may not know that the resurrected Jesus Christ also wants to give His people three gifts. In John chapter 17 as Jesus prays for His disciples He mentions three gifts that He has for them: eternal life, His truth, and His glory. Learn more about those three gifts in the book, ONE: Unfolding God's Eternal Purpose From House To House.

Here's a quote from ONE about about the rest of the Christmas story: "When Jesus Christ became a man, He laid aside His glory of divinity and became a lowly man. He served God and man unto death--the death of the cross. He resurrected on the third day, and in His ascension, He was crowned with glory . . . (Now) He comes into His believers with this glory and leads them."

Christmas isn't just a celebration of the past. It's a present for the present -- a gift for here and now. Surrender your life to the risen Jesus and receive His amazing presence in your life. Then you will soon discover that you are overflowing with eternal life, God's truth, and Christ's glory in your day to day life!

This Christmas, decorate your heart with the Light of Christ! Let Jesus fill you with His glorious presence! Enjoy the heart-felt ONEness with others that Christ came to give us.

Christmas -- it took the entire Bible to explain it. ONE can help you see the big picture of God's purpose and how it is unfolding through ordinary people who embrace Jesus and His gifts. Get a copy of ONE on Amazon.

Many celebrate Christmas. Few daily surrender to, follow, and obey the risen Jesus.

Christmas! It took the entire Bible to explain it! Enjoy the heart-felt ONEness and loving community that Christ came to give us. Have ONE very, merry Christmas! (Learn more about what Christ has done and is doing in the world by getting a copy of ONE: Unfolding God’s Eternal Purpose From House To House by Henry Hon @

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